Africa 2004
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This is a quick and dirty web site to show some of the more than 3000 photos Steve & Paul took on our recent trip to Africa with Shirley and Linda. A more complete site is in the works. This site is for those of you who haven't seen any of the photos we've taken yet and can't wait for the final web site.

We visited the following places:

One night in Johannesburg, South Africa, to recoup from the 16 hour overnight flight from JFK.

Five nights at Kuyenda camp, in the South Luangwa Park in Zambia. Here we did eight walking safaris.

Two nights in Tongabezi in Zambia so we could see Victoria Falls.

Two nights at Tubu Tree camp in the Okavanga delta in Botswana.

Three nights at Duba Plains camp in another part of the Okavanga delta.

Three nights in Cape Town, South Africa.