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Our guide pointed out the interesting signs.

The statuary was once used to identify the buildings.

All of the cathedrals are owned by the state. Only a few are still used for religious purposes. All are tourist attractions.

The original stone work was left visible in places.

The original ground floor level of this old building is six feet below the current ground level. Either the buildings have been sinking or the ground level has been rising. My guess is the latter. After every flood a new deposit of silt and mud raises the ground level.

Here the original holes used by archers defending the building have been preserved.

The Old Jewish Cemetery has many layers. When they ran out of room, they put down a new layer of bodies and lifted the stones from the lower layer up. The ground level of the cemetery today is almost eight feet above the surrounding ground level.

The Old-New Synagogue.

Is this Franz Kafka on the Gollum? And then we're about to lose the head of the guy on the left.

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